Big Papa's Fruit and Vegetable

January 3rd, 2019

It is with great excitement we introduce ourselves to you all. Starting this week we will begin our new adventure and will take over ownership of Big Papa’s Fruit and Vegetable.

A little about us. Tony grew up in Vermont. After more than ten years away he moved back to start a family with Kasi. Now, we have a 3 year old son named Deegan. Tony was a career firefighter for 6 years. Kasi has worked as a medical coder for the last 10 years and will continue to do this work in the years to come. Family is the most important thing to us. There is not one decision we make that is not in the best interest of our son. For the past year and a half we have been looking for a way to better our family and we feel like big Papa’s is a wonderful fit for us and Deegan.

Todd and Julie Lambert have built Big Papa’s into what it is today and have become a vital part of the Littleton community. Their place in the community and the relationships they have built cannot be replaced. We come into this with great respect and admiration for the Lamberts. We hope to keep the legacy going and provide the same excellent quality in produce and service. We feel very fortunate to be taking over and learning from the best.

We hope you will come in to meet us as we establish ourselves in Littleton. We appreciate your business and look forward to many years of service.

Thank you,

Tony & Kasi Stockman


The Best Produce at the Lowest Prices Possible.

We travel to the produce market in Boston, Mass. every week to bring you the freshest produce available, and because we ship it directly to you - no middle man at all - we can offer you the best prices in the North Country.

We're open Thursday & Friday 8 am - 8 pm, and Saturdays 8 am - 2 pm, when we have our auction for any produce leftover for the week.

Weekly specials

Our prices change weekly with the market so be sure to check out our weekly specials here:

Big Papa's Fruit and Vegetable

We also have a dairy case full of various meats, cheeses, and eggs!

Big Papa's Fruit and Vegetable

Check our walls for various canned goods and discounted non-perishable products!

Hear what some of our customers are saying about us!



Freshest produce in the area, hands down. There is no better place, no better service, and no better price. Well worth the trip. We live in Vermont but make a shopping trip to stock up every two or three weeks. The produce lasts much longer than the stuff offered in the local grocery or big store in town. It does sometimes get busy and crowded, but Todd is in the store, can take the time to discuss the products, and he will even try to get special items if you ask!
— Lisa Bowden
I drive as often as I can from Orleans County VT to get produce from Big Papa’s. Often times I’m asked by others to grab them something too while I’m there because they know how great it is! The last time I bought 3 flats of strawberries, I was even given a deal on top of the great price. I made a ton of jam!
— Dawn Greenwood
The merchandise is great quality, the prices are beyond reasonable and any time I shop at Big Papa’s, the people are very helpful and friendly. Oh, I did get a shriveled grape once! :) Thank you for offering quality produce at an affordable price!
— Debbie Russell
Wonderful fresh fruits and veggies! Shop there whenever I get to Littleton. I love being able to sample some of the fruits. If you ask about a fruit that isn’t coming cut up, they will cut one open and slice up samples!
— Joanne Hatch